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"This is by far the best site I have ever found of its type. If only other faith-based initiatives were so unafraid and even motivated to winnow out the metaphysical and physical truths about such important issues. If only secular youth outreach and other secular health organizations were so unafraid and even motivated to acknowledge the essential human, ethical, and personal belief systems inherent in making these choices. Thank you for being a light on a hill."

"I ran across your site while trying to dig up a little information on abortion health risks. Since I am not Christian, and I've found that the majority of Christians seem to look down upon anyone who even considers abortion, so I almost did not visit your site. I'm glad I did. This is one of the most informative and unbiased pages that I have found concerning this issue... good job and thank you for the information!"


Welcome to the Christian Family Planning website. The information presented here is based on the Biblical principle that the body is a temple. It is inconsistent with this ideal to promote birth control which transforms a woman's body into a battleground, where the life of her offspring or her own health and well-being are jeopardized. For this reason no methods of birth control that harm a woman or her unborn child are recommended, regardless of the age or development of the child.

This site is intended to educate Christian women and men about the mechanisms and efficacy of contraceptives to assist couples in planning their children in a manner consistent with their faith. There are a variety of valid religious and personal convictions held by women of conscience with regards to sex and birth control. However, the perspective of this site is that sexual intimacy is intended only within the context of marriage, where each person has made a lifelong commitment to the other, welcoming any children conceived by their union. All children, planned or unplanned, are a gift from God. For more about this philosophy, please see the article at this site Sex, Abortion, Birth Control and Christianity.

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